The thing is,
I do like the energy that always comes after depression,

Resurgence and being filled with adrenaline and fresh starts,
Turning my anger into focus and energy and doing pressups,

In this state I can listen to heavy music whilst reading,
Or writing,
Which is usually too distracting;

I like this state,
Not that it’s worth it,
The environment around me leads to these massive swings.


8 thoughts on “Energies

  1. I can understand what you mean. There’s times I can listen to music with lyrics and then there’s times my mind is overloaded and I choose instrumental only. Both serve their purpose and are soothing in their own way😊

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  2. I read first line and I just knew I’d relate to this.
    The energy that instills in one after going through depression is uniquely powerful.
    Adrenaline surging through them, music in their ears and a passion for the trivial wonders that surround me.

    But indeed, it’s not worth the suffering ; depression. The environment that surrounds us can trigger such sad states. =(

    But you write such potent pieces because you’re strong and you made it through!
    ( Ν‘β—‰ ͜ Κ– Ν‘β—‰)

    Powerful and very relatable Robin! πŸ’œ


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