Darkness Therapy

It goes better when I write spontaneously,
Whilst seized by an idea,
β€”It rarely works, with time in-between;

Short, impulsively-written things,
With discomfort pushing me forwards,
It’s kind of a trademark;

I see,
And what’s the Zealous Zombie Zeitgeist,
Which you mentioned previously?

That’s just a way of expressing the feeling of living in the houseβ€”
All of the housemates, individually,
β€”They each show zombie characteristics,
So that it’s very much…like I’m living through a zombie apocalypse,
Most of the time,

For instanceβ€”
Often, once I’ve cleaned a room,
(Say the bathroom or kitchen),
If any of the zombies go into that room after,
Even for just a few minutes,
β€”If I go back in once they’ve left,
Then, no matter how perfectly I’ve swept the floor just before them…
You can always,
Sweep up a significant amount of dirt after them,
(Bits of leaves, paper, food, tobacco, even knits one time),
Especially after the main zombie,
β€”They are just shedding dirt,
There is no other way to describe it;

Ok…I can imagine that would be very stressful for you;
Just as a separate noteβ€”
You seem to have a fairly creative mind,
By the looks of it?

I mean, it definitely does help with writing zombie stories,
Or other darkly-themed things;

As a way to deal with the stress, in the moment,
I’m often imagining gruesome scenarios,
Where I’m chopping off their heads, you know,
Some kind of grisly revenge…
All in jest, of course;

…And consistent with the Zealous Zombie Zeitgeist theme,
(With a touch of dark humour),
Isn’t it?

Ok, I’ll stop rambling,
I’ve left one of them tied up with their limbs removed,
They’ll be making an awful racket by now and bleeding all over my nice floor.


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