The Music That Heals Me 2

Music was such a crucial pillar of support,
Throughout last year,
The time in the car,
With the terrible loneliness,
And all that had happened before,

Reaching a point, every day,
Of deciding whether to go forwards, or not,
And finding some thing, in the moment,
Which could be done;

A few important songs,
Appealed to me strongly then,
And this one resonated so well,
With my predicament, and need for strength, somehow.


9 thoughts on “The Music That Heals Me 2

    1. Oh, interesting. That’s pretty much A4 note, and a lot of popular music does linger around that sort of note. And I listened to that background hum in that song and it does sound similar to a ‘432 Hz meditation’ video thing that I found.

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    2. Although hard rock music is SOMETIMES calming! :D. E.g. when you’re angry and things need to die. It’s very calming then.

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    1. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

      House of hearts lol. House of king of hearts… hmm need to work on that joke.

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