Emergency Measures

“Cuire du flapjack et mettre le dans la boรฎte dans ma chambre!!!”
(Cook some flapjack and put it in the tin in my bedroom);

As I added this into my todo list,
I had a small smile of great satisfactionโ€”
I love finding these little tricks,
Which increase my self-sufficiency within this bubble of safety;

Having the ability to do things in my room, when I need to isolate from housemates,
Has been a very useful thing;
Here are some other tricksโ€”

Jerricans of water,
Bottles of fruit squash,
Ear plugs/headphones (to isolate from the outside sound environment),
Mini fast-boiling kettle;

And now, to have a good source of ’emergency’ food,
Will serve me very well indeed! ๐ŸŽท


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