Addiction And Sunk Cost Fallacy

So much of anxiety and ‘paralysis’ that I have,
Is down to running through these mental thinking constructs,

At some point I get ‘sick’ of it,
And snap out of it;

It’s daily practising this habit, this trick,
Which helps me to move forwards;

It’s easier said than done,
And in some moods it can be extremely difficultβ€”
Because of ‘sunk cost fallacy’,
What an addiction!

Actually, this reminds me of a great point which Eckhart Tolle madeβ€”
‘Mindfulness’ is a terrible name for it,
Because it suggests that your brain is full of thoughts,
Rather than the opposite!ΒΉ

I actually hate the word for other reasonsβ€”
Its trendiness and bandied-about-ness,
So I’m going to think of another wordβ€”
Holy shit.

ΒΉ In a blunder perhaps as shocking and hilarious as that which initially crippled the Hubble Space Telescope before launch, it’s a simple mistranslation!! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


5 thoughts on “Addiction And Sunk Cost Fallacy

    1. Yeah, to me it’s just un-learning the habits which have been picked up through stress. The longer those habits have gone on for, the harder it can be in periods of low mood. At other times, I can have such clarity that that previous history doesn’t influence it :).


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