Why horses, in the middle of a protest?
And is it any wonder,
That some of them were scared?

A police officer, knocked off her horse,
And what disproportionately cruel injuries,
Must she sustain?

Horses? Why? I don’t understand the appeal;

I saw a Boris Bike get pushed into a horseβ€”
The horse was frantic, ungainly amongst the crowd;

As solutions go,
This one seems pretty ugly to meβ€¦πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ,

Unnecessary violence towards horses,
This feels like to me.

Protests, forces, tear gas and…horses.


3 thoughts on “Horses!

  1. Why are there 10-foot tall horse cops in 2020?

    I wonder why you would ride a horse if you have to get off the horse to arrest someone. I wonder why cops would spend all of the money to take care of and feed a horse when you have a perfectly good squad car that does not eat, sleep, get sick, or poop. It just seemed like grandstanding. Even the term β€œmounted police officer” seems like a small dick over compensation in an almost literal sense.

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    1. Hahaha! Sorry I didn’t reply at the time. I totally agree! Only reason for horses is an illogical one, and it’s just cruel. Not just cars, but even closer to mechanical horses we have motorbikes and bicycles!

      I agree that even the term sounds archaic and stupid.

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