Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lockdown has become a way of life now,
And we live in a totally-revamped culture,
Replete with its own traditions,
(We all agree not to kill each other on Christmas Day, for example);

Society has reshaped itself,
At great cost in lives,
We can no longer support the prosperity,
And the size of population which we once had;

Even the currency has changedβ€”
We had thought we were on the verge of totally-electronic currency,
Yet now,
We pay for things in toilet rolls, bottled water and IKEA furniture;

Once (so the story goes),
Some poor guy happened upon a discarded McDonalds meal, still safe within its wrapping,
Still perfectly-preserved, with not a trace of mould;
I think he’d planned on selling it for guns,
Yet, before he could say ‘McChicken Sandwich Meal Deal,
He was set upon, robbed and murdered by the throng;

The government is still hanging on,
Just about retains control (firepower helps),
And we have a new lockdown slogan,
For we’ve moved on from ‘Stay At Home’,
‘Stay Alert’,
Oh the good old days…
The new slogan is, simplyβ€” ‘Stay Alive’;
Thanks Boris.


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