I Am Superhuman

I’ve lost a lot,
I’ve really been hit by the lockdown,
My growing network of friends and support was based around the charities which were helping me,
Two of them had to stop because of the lockdown (and one has fallen out with me over a misunderstanding, which we cannot resolve because of the lockdown itself preventing me from meeting them, and they won’t discuss it over the phone. It’s totally totally heartbreaking and shattering),
And the other person has had health problems,

Not only was Green Health helping me day-to-day, week-to-week,
But there was so much optimism in how I could work with them in the future,
I can’t describe how much things have fallen since the middle of March,
And I’m still suffering a lot from living here,
The noises in the street are horrendous,
Only worsened with summer and people being off work;

I was absolutely destroyed earlier,
It’s an ongoing trauma;

I’m just waiting for one more part for the scooter, in the post,
Then the possibilities will be much, much, better;

How to rebuild from scratch?
That’s what I have to do,
From a place of no nearby support,
After so many setbacks already before this year;

Thank god for the supportive people who are still in touch with meβ€”
Even if I have to start again almost from scratch with my local network,
It’s the remote one, friends I made through wordpress,
Who are still there to support me and encourage me,
And remind me of my strength and importance;

How do I rebuild from scratch?
I don’t know,
But I’m superhuman, it seems.


5 thoughts on “I Am Superhuman

    1. Thank you Cassa. It’s certainly painstaking getting the environment for trauma recovery! 😏


  1. Aw Robin!!
    I’m so sorry to read how difficult things have been.
    But I can completely empathise. These last few weeks have been some of the most difficult for many among us.
    But I’ve certainly missed your words and our wee friendship too.
    I’m so glad to be back now – and to say I’m here whenever you need


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