George Floyd

Oh US police,
What have you done?

Nobody’s going to forget that in a hurry,
Not with video evidence, as clear as can be,

In broad daylight,
In front of witnesses;

Every incident was one too far,
But, I wish,
That George Floyd could see what this has sparked,
And will spark,
Because nobody’s going to let this drop,
And his is going to be another landmark case,
Perhaps the greatest of them all,
And he will be remembered;

I cannot imagine the anguish,
Never in a million years could imagine,
Of not just himself,
But of those helpless passers-by,
And the immense trauma that they must now live with;

Nobody’s going to forget it in a hurry,
That’s as clear as can be.


13 thoughts on “George Floyd

    1. Thanks, Margie. It definitely is! And what happened today, with the reporters arrested on live TV… it’s equally unbelievable. I wish I’d never read 1984.

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      1. I know just how you feel Robin about reading 1984!
        It’s a sad day here in America for all that are against racism! 😦


    1. Yeah. I think it will be. The extent of the protests/riots was incredible. And what happened today was equally unbelievable. That’s sealed it as a landmark event now. It’s so scary what it reveals about so many unheard/un-filmed incidents.

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    1. You should, it’s traumatising though. I watched a full version of the video that’s shown on news websites, which is linked to from Reddit. I don’t suggest anyone watches that necessarily because it’s traumatic. It’s just cold-blooded murder, with onlookers trying to prevent it.


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