The Most Annoying Dad

Brace yourselves, kids,
I’ve got bad news,
β€”I think I may have coronavirus;

Oh, no… Dad!
How are you feeling?

Not too bad at the moment,
Don’t worry,
I’m going to confine myself to the study for the next three days,
Just as a preliminary precaution;
Now, I’ve done some calculations,
And we should have enough supplies to last us for…

1,236 days.

We also have double-redundancy on core kitchen equipment,
(I’ve learned that from the Apollo missions);

Now…not everybody gets to be a hero,
But they can darned-well try to pave the way for one;

Don’t worry, Dad,
We’re here for you! Whatever you need!
I hope you get better soon…

Thanks, kids;
I’m just going upstairs…
And I may be some time;

*knock knock*

Morning, Dad!
Are you ok in there?

*muffled shouting*

Good morning kids!
Don’t worry, we’re still alive…!

We’ve been worried about you,
We haven’t heard from you all morning,
How are you doing?

I’m ok, just about…!
It was just a bit of a head cold!
Nothing to worry about!


Just a bit of a head cold!
False alarm!
I’m gunna be alright!

But what have you been doing in there,
…For all of this time??

Hang on…just finishing my book!
I’ll be out in a sec!

What are we going do with all of this toilet paper,
And sweetcorn??

I dunno…!
Shit the bed??



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