Antipodal Curiosities

New Zealand is at the antipode of England,
Portobello, Otago is the antipode of London,

New Zealand’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic,
Is equally the antipode of the UK’s,

New Zealand’s leader appears to be the antipode of the UK’s leader.


How did we get here?
Plate tectonics,
But also I believe that it’s byΒΉ voting for a party rather than for who becomes your local MPβ€”
The UK voting system was designed like this,
That voters decide who becomes an MP in their constituency,
But since most people talk about voting for a party or a leader,
There’s no judgement being made on who actually comprise the MPs;

This process therefore selects MPs based on how loudly they can shout,
During an election campaign.

ΒΉ At least partly and I think to a significant extent.


9 thoughts on “Antipodal Curiosities

    1. I see, so even the electors are in a centralised grouping?

      People here also mostly can’t tell you who their MP is, or the person they voted for to become the MP in their constituency, but you can easily find out about them, and they’ll be doing stuff in your local area and you could even feasibly meet them. So here you could find out in principle.

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      1. The U.S. system is very strange, and the Electoral College is a weird thing they’ve had going since they became a country.

        In Canada we’ve got a parliamentary system that’s pretty similar to the UK, and th same kind of thing where people are mostly voting for the party and the leader rather than the specific candidate in their riding.

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      2. Ah! Interesting about Canada’s system and the similarities with how people are voting. At least you’ve got Trudeau then who seems pretty sane!

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      3. And if he’s not then at least he still looks good, which is still more than you can say about most leaders we’re comparing to! πŸ˜†


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