Present Humour

You got any of those cheeky little present moments?

No, we’re out of stock I’m afraid,
They’ve all been…
You know there’s a pandemic on, right?


4 thoughts on “Present Humour

  1. In some ways, going through lockdown and watching the nightly statistics on new infections and deaths, then all the bitching about the government (here in the UK), it’s enough to wear you down. We need something to laugh at to help keep us going don’t we. So far I haven’t found humour to be in short supply thankfully.

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    1. Thanks, yeah totally agree. I’m in the UK too. I limit how much I take in terms of news thoughβ€” mostly I am actually reading it for the entertainment!

      For instance, I just read that New Zealand has had its first 2 cases in 24 days. And they were from the UK, which at this point just makes me laugh sardonically xD.


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