I am overflowing with thoughts,
Essays and essays of them,
About anything and everything,
Viewed from all kinds of angles;

A lot of constructive and interesting thoughts,
With occasional outlets for them,

But I have no control over whenceΒΉ they flow!
They are triggered in the moment,
Especially through conversation;

I have no hope of enumerating my thoughts,
Or of what I find interesting,
They simply come in the moment,
And only degenerate with editing!

They either come out constructive,
Or they come out destructive,
But either way,
They are exactly as meant!

ΒΉ No particular reason to use ‘whence’. I almost edited it to ‘when’, but ‘whence’ was just what came to my mind playfully in that moment! I wasn’t trying to sound like a toff for the sake of being a toff 🀣.


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