Macabre Scenes

What’s going on here?
A fire engine sped past me on the road this evening,
Followed by 5 police cars,

And just a couple of weeks ago I went past a road blocked off by police cars,
With ambulances too;

Then I checked the local news for today,
β€”Two serious car crashes today near the city centre,
Within a mile of my house;

The first one was caused by a speeding car at 5am,
Which police had tried to stop but abandoned the chase,
β€”Of course, the speeding BMW killed the driver of another car,
But the offending driver survived to be arrested…

Those emergency vehicles drove past me 5 hours after the later of the two major accidents today,
…So has there been something else?

Of course, coincidences happen,
But that’s at least 3 major things within 2 weeks,
All within a mile of my house just driving to the supermarket,
And during a lockdown where you often see police patrolling the roads,
It’s all feeling…
Just a bit macabre!

And I think of all the aggressiveness that I see on the roads here,
And it’s hardly surprising,
And I think of a family losing a 41-year old father just heading out in the morning,
Perhaps to work in a hospital?
And it’s unconscionable.

Turns out I’ve been seeing police cars everywhere because they’ve specifically been doing a crackdown on speeding cars,
For 3 weeks from this week…

Burnt-out car I drove past today (the day after writing this post)


4 thoughts on “Macabre Scenes

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚. Actually I think I just serendipitously discovered the cause of the scene that I saw last night! I went a DIY store I’ve never been to before on a small road in an industrial estate, and I saw a burnt out car on the side of the road πŸ˜†. It was a huge mess! It was the same area as I was in last night going to the supermarket.

      Actually I should’ve taken a picture to illustrate this post!

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