Yay, I did get going in the end!
After all of the delays, anxiety loops,
And made-up constructs;

My plan was to do some outdoor stuff,
To get as much sunlight as possible,
I also did some fiddly stuff insideβ€”
I was beating myself up for doing these in the wrong orderβ€”
I did the fiddly stuff during the middle of the afternoon,
And sweeping the patio and washing my car in the evening πŸ˜†;

Yesβ€” this is how much detail my mind goes into,
So that whilst washing my car, I wasn’t very happy,
Even though that was the first time I’ve ever washed it myself!
Just because it wasn’t practical, in places I lived previously,
And when it was practical, I was very depressed and demotivated,
(I’ve now had my car for 4 years and 4 days!
And it did get washed once a year during services!);

When I finally stopped, sweaty and anxious,
To lie down and relax,
Of course, that’s when noisy guy came back,
β€”You hear his arrival, by the following soundsβ€”

  • Friend’s car parking outside my window
  • Car doors slamming
  • Whooping, shouting, laughing and screaming sounds simultaneously
  • Front door slamming
  • Stomping through the hallway
  • All of the above sounds again, in reverse
  • Once more the first way
  • Then back again

Thankfully, the fucker’s gone!
And I’m moving on :),

I can concentrate again, I can relax,
And I’m happy with what I’ve done.


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