No Way JosΓ©

There it is again…
A knock-knock-knocking,
At the window in the night,
A shadow through the curtain,
In the fading twilight…

Ear plugs removed, for just a brief moment,
Headphones displaced,
…Then lo and behold,
I perceived this new torment;

This is no sleep paralysis demon,
No monster of the night,
No serial killer stalking the neighbourhood,

But a demented housemate locked out once more;

The ear plugs go back in!
The headphones go back on!
Noise-cancellation enabled, no hesitation!

Fuck, fuck,
Just block it out,
Perhaps eventually…
It’ll just stop.

Yes, you’re stopping me from going to bed right now,
Yes, I will lose sleep for this cause.

Photo by Max Bordovski from Pexels

He’s still knocking…
He’s relentless,
Relentlessly arrogant.
Bring back Billy Backwater, please.


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