You Know When…

You know when you go on,
And you look up and it’s nine hours later?

Because I wouldn’t do that,
I have a sense of moderation,



16 thoughts on “You Know When…

    1. Haha! Yes I was lucky that there was a lot of strong evidence for the path which I was following. I got incredibly far backβ€” to an ancestor who was born in 1740. And on that branch there were a lot of common first and last names being used.

      I eventually stopped when I reached a branch where the evidence was less strong, and started having to do broader searches!

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    1. Lol. I think once you get back 8-10 generations, or maybe just 6, to talk of ancestors means very little as they can be so distinct from you by then. Unless you had some distinct mixing in of an exotic ethnicity that you can trace back to many generations ago or so. That’d be quite interesting. Although I found names which stretched all that way back, which is interesting. A long line of sons!

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      1. Wow! That’s interesting, significant proportions. So you had a DNA test, did you try to trace your ancestry, too?

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    2. It’s really interesting finding how many other families have great-grandparents, great-great, great-great-greats, in common! More and more as you go back, gives you a good sense for how the population starts to unite through common ancestors. So that pretty soon you just come to the conclusion yes that we’re 100 trillion bacterial cells, lol.

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