Cosmological Bluster

Multi-dimensional being,
Tell me,
What does the Universe look like from without?
What mountains of things we cannot imagine,
Have you scaled?
What worlds of topographies we cannot even picture,
Have you explored?
What obscure and exotic realms of physics have you come to understand?

At which time point?

Time point?? You can time-travel?

I exist in multiple dimensions of time,
Therefore I can loop back around and go in any direction I wish;

How did the Universe begin?

Oh, right, of course,
That’s the name you give to your bubble…


Well, obviously the actual universe has more dimensions than even those which I experience,
And from my perspective,
Your universe is like a film of shit on a cosmological pile of elephant turd;
β€”When you look at it edge-on…
It doesn’t even exist;

Well, if that’s what you think of the Universe,
What on Earth are you doing here??

We just pop in every now and then to laugh at your dimensionally-lacking world leaders! 🀣


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