How On Earth, Was That Stressing Me?

A big part of OCD and irritation, for me,
Is my focus turning inward,
And becoming extra-aware of the close environment,
And of bodily sensationsβ€”
The itches,
The things which are unclean,
The things which are out of place,

And part of the reason,
Of why getting outside and moving around,
Works so well, to just cut right through all of it,
Is that it widens my perspective againβ€”
Not in a conscious way,
β€”But in a deep, emotional way,
So that once I am back in that close environment,
Everything fades into trivialities!

My focus is back onto what I want to do,
Rather than on how I do it,
And what’s happening around me;

And I remember, the feeling,
Whilst studying for university,
(Of which I had a small taste, yesterday,
Driving to the supermarket in the early morning sunlight),
Of coming back from a run, once I’d reached my limit,
Thinking to myselfβ€”
How on Earth was I stressing and fussing about those things?

I’ve tried virtual reality once,
And it was so immersive, engaging and real,
In a deeply-emotional way,
That I think it could have this similar perspective-shifting effect!


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