An Historical Facepalm

Should I be doing my bit?
To chart these events during this pandemic?

Are we living through an historically-significant periodΒΉ,
One which will be thoroughly scrutinised for the everyday truths?

There’s not much there that I’d care to record,
For 90% of what goes on is strawman-building,
Shit-stirring opprobrium,
By the media no less;

About 9%Β² is the drama of the ignorant minority,
And the dumbass politicians,
From whom…
Can anybody really learn anything?

I’ve got to feel, that to record these events meticulously,
Would only add to the stockpile of literary works,
(Such as formulaic Dan Brown train station novels),
Which would serve to make our descendents dumber.


ΒΉ Have we now truly entered the anthropocene?
Β² My allocations of percentages are open to revision!


5 thoughts on “An Historical Facepalm

      1. You are welcome, Robin.
        Well, I will see that poem in the morning then as I am off to bed.
        I bid you a good morning as I say good night. πŸ™‚

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