There I was, thinking to myself,
What the fuck am I writing on here,
Wasting people’s time, with silly posts,
(What a difference a mood makes!);

Then I read the latest one againβ€”
Breaking The Vicious Cycle,
And it actually cheered me up,
I felt worthy again!


What a risky strategy it is at times,
Investing your emotions into what you create!
But you’ve just got to,
Take nothing seriously in life!
Apart from viruses,
And science,


20 thoughts on “Priorities

    1. Thank you, indeed I am! Haha, it’s a very good way to occupy the time, for sure! :D. You’re very right. It’s funny what moods can do.


  1. I don’t find your posts silly at all. Your practical philosophy, honesty and motivation clearly shows in your writing. I think it’s great that going over what you wrote made you feel better! I suffer from depression which, out of the blue, obliterates rational thinking. It’s writing like yours that helps people like me.

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    1. Your comment really took me aback, thank you! It was humbling in this weird ironic way that things like that do humble you. I think it’s a humbling of yourself against yourself, to stop analysing yourself so much as if it’s so important to do so.

      I just find that incredible that you’d find my writing helpful in that way, and it’s a fulfilling of a dream which I’ve always had to help people, so that makes me happy!

      “I suffer from depression which, out of the blue, obliterates rational thinking.”

      Ah, that does indeed seem to be a thing which happens! I can relate to some extent.


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      1. Yes, when it occurs, it’s like looking at the world through a misty haze and nothing seems to make sense. When it gets really bad, it’s like being at war with whole world! I used to try to analyse myself and ruminated over the past … I found out that that didn’t work. So now, I turn to God … and medication. πŸ˜€
        Though your writing comes from life issues, it’s playful too. πŸ™‚

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      2. Wow, that sounds terrible! I’m sorry you experience that! Thanks for the insight. I’m glad you found things which help.

        Thank you, I’m glad the playfulness comes through :D. In the end, laughing is the most effective thing for me! :). Laughter makes absolutely everything alright.


      3. I’ve been starting to laugh again in the last few months, after really not laughing at all for about 18 months. It’s becoming normal again already, so that it’s hard to believe I couldn’t laugh for that long! I’ve been writing humorous stuff for a bit longer, but it wasn’t physical laughter. And sometimes I laugh properly out loud at other people’s posts, haha.

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    1. Haha! Thanks a lot! I guess you’re right!

      The more I learn about the non-human world, and the world outside the Earth, the less seriously I can take human-level matters! So it’s about trying to see things for what they really are, and not getting too lost in the human world.

      How did you quote me!?

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      1. Oh that is crazy…did you see how I wrote ‘Wow’ in humungous letters the other day? I used h1 tags. But they don’t work anymore! Wondering if I found a bug which has now been fixed or something!


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