High Horses And Hurdles

(I feel a tautogram coming…);

Part of the ‘trouble’ is,
I simply have dual aims in writingβ€”

The original, sometimes most self-important side,
Simply wants to write its heart out,
And share thoughts about mental health and personal experiences,
Hopefully with the side-effect of helping others as well as itself,

And the other side,
Will always be a show-off and just loves making people laugh (including itself!)β€”
It’s addictive, and gives it a dopamine boost,
And is only healthy for those others too;

Usually the two sides live in harmony,
And are kept within moderation,
Even, perhaps,
With some healthy competition,
But occasionally one gets on a horse slightly too high,
Causing the other horse to stumble on hurdles designed for the average horse.


You know what they say…
‘Nice guys finish last’,
What they whinny and neigh…
‘Humble horses always stumble!’.


9 thoughts on “High Horses And Hurdles

      1. Mais nous sommes sur ‘first name terms’! Tu peux utiliser ‘tu’ et ‘ton’, Margie! πŸ˜‰

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