Twin Fates

One, two, one, two…
All the ones, go to Marsβ€”

Wait, no!!
I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I’ll be clean from now on,
I’ll do whatever you want!
I promise!!

Oh, what could be worse,
Than being sent to Mars!

You’ll certainly die instantly,
Don’t worry;
Well, almost instantly…

Let me go instead of housemate C!!
I’ll go to Mars!

Empathy? Odd time to begin showing it!
Housemates A and B…
Go to Mars!


Noo!!! No!!!
Oh my god!
What have you done!!!??

The rest of you,
Go to Venus!

What!? Oh god nβ€”


Personally, I’d prefer Mars over having my lungs filled with 500C carbon and sulphur dioxide at 90 times atmospheric pressure, but whatevs.


Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash


6 thoughts on “Twin Fates

    1. LOL 😁, great! Glad it’s not too freaky/psychopathic. I just say it’s the other side of being empatheticβ€” you also know what’s freaky/scary/funny πŸ™„.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Finally I got to replying!

      πŸ˜„ glad you enjoyed it! Haha 😁


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