Swings And Roundabouts

Could do better,
Has good potential,
Sky’s the limit if he would consistently apply himself,
Sometimes he does really good work,
But is easily distracted and often hands in homework late;

There’s an uncanny parallel,
Between the types of comments which riddle my school reports,
And the way that I ride the swings and roundabouts in the battles with my obsessive mind.

Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash

And this homework…was very late,
So I put myself in detention.
Laughable! 🀣

Here you go, son,
One squillion housepoints for creativity,
You’ve been made honorary head-boy,
You’ll get a mention at the top of assembly,
You’re a god-damn fucking genius! A-fucking-star times 100. πŸ˜πŸŽ“
Now get the fook out of my detention,
And don’t forget to pick up your Nobel Prize on the way out! πŸ‘


18 thoughts on “Swings And Roundabouts

  1. Wondered what had happened to you. For some reason I have not been getting notifications of your postings. How are you doing? I like this because I like the β€œf” word lol

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    1. Weird! Maybe you unfollowed me by mistake? Haha I’m glad you liked it!

      I’m doing good, thanks! Still trying to stay sane through writing :). How about you?

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      1. No I didn’t unfollow you cos it lett me comment on your post. Dunno what happened. But WP is weird sometimes. I suddenly realised I hadn’t seen you around for a while, so came looking for you to see if you were ok.

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      2. You don’t have to follow to be able to comment. Yes it is certainly weird! It seems like it unfollows people for me sometimes. Or I’m just being clumsy. There’s definitely some weirdness going on!

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      3. It’s ok. Been a bit exhausted lately, and not good at responding to peeps when like that. My head is all over the place. Lots to deal with, and this bloody lockdown is driving me stir crazy

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      4. Yeah, you really have a lot to deal with at the moment. It’s good to know when to take time for yourself. I really can’t imagine being so restricted to being at home. I always try to take inspiration from people who have been through great hardships, like Nelson Mandela. It can help sometimes.

        It’s all about taking it one day at a time and trying to create small goals for yourself, but without pressure of achieving them. Learning new things really helps for me, as well as the writing.


    1. Both! I share a lot of commonalities with Albert Einstein! I always laughed when I heard of his teachers’ comments from school, lol. It made me feel very vindicated!

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      1. Experts believed that Einstein had ADHD because he ‘was as disorganised and forgetful as he was insightful and intelligent.

        Today, he would have been treated with drugs and would have lost his edge I believe!

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      2. “Experts believed that Einstein had ADHD”

        Yes, I’ve read that, and it definitely makes a lot of sense! ADHD type people are good at spotting others, and I’d also say he probably was one too! He ticks a lot of the boxes too. I listen to Faster Than Normal podcast and Einstein perfectly fits the archetype of people who are on there.

        I’d disagree with losing his edge, though! Medication shouldn’t cause you to lose your ‘edge’. The Faster Than Normal podcast shares this ethos that ADHD should be used to your advantage, and medication should fit within that and only serve to help take to advantage of the advantages.

        However everything I’ve learned of value about actually taking ADHD medication was non-medical and anecdotal, which is a big problem! People with ADHD seem to have one of two main general reactions to medicationβ€” emotional numbing and ‘feeling like a zombie’, or feeling more focused and gaining more satisfaction out of things, with all personality traits and creativity etc intact.

        It’s often the case that the split between those 2 reactions is the difference between taking methylphenidate or amphetamine medications. But whilst one person has the positive pattern of reaction to amphetamine and negative with methylphenidate, another person has it the other way around. So it’s very easy to see how easily people can be mis-medicated, especially if they are children or they are not being involved enough in the discussion with the person treating them.

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    1. Hahaha!! You’re right, that is an Irish accent. That’s also how it’s pronounced in the Midlands and North. πŸ˜„


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