Pas Surprise Du Tout!

Pas de surprise,
Qu’ils avaient des morts en excΓ©dent,
Et une deuxième vague,

Pas de surprise du tout,
Γ‰tant donnΓ© que le confinement n’a jamais commencΓ©,
N’importe oΓΉ dans le pays entier…

Mais il y a une abondance de cheveux jaune soufflant dans la brise,
Une abondance de l’hyperbole et l’hystΓ©rie dans leurs mΓ©dias,
Leurs espirits remplis de l’arguments faux,
De l’apathie, de l’indifference, de la stupiditΓ© et de l’arrogance;

Quelle surprise,
Mesdames et messieurs de l’autre cΓ΄tΓ© de les douves larges;

HΓ©las…ils sont Γ  court de temps,
Et nous sommes Γ  court de croissants!
Mais grΓ’ce Γ  dieu, nous avons beaucoup de la farine;

No surprise,
That they had a surplus of deaths,
And a second wave,

No surprise at all,
Given that lockdown had never even begun,
Anywhere in the entire country…

But there’s an abundance of yellow hair blowing in the breeze,
An abundance of hyperbole and hysteria in their media,
Their minds filled with false arguments,
Apathy, indifference, stupidity and arrogance;

What a surprise,
Ladies and gentlemen across the wide moat;

Alas…they are running out of time,
And we are running out of croissants!
But thank god, we still have plenty of flour;


15 thoughts on “Pas Surprise Du Tout!

    1. Je tu remercie Γ©normΓ©ment Francine! 😁. C’Γ©tait beaucoup de travail…πŸ˜….

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    1. Haha! Well, I didn’t remember or learn any of it from school, either, but it’s been a hobby since leaving school, and I’ve been working at it harder this year. Aiming to become fluent! :D.

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      1. That’s weird because I wanted to take up my French again but didn’t do it. I love the French language

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      2. It’s always difficult to begin with something challenging like that. I had long periods of not touching it but I always come back to it :D. It’s difficult to know where to start.

        I imagine the process would be more complicated without sight. I just found this Reddit thread discussing using DuoLingo to learn languages as a blind person:


      3. Yes, there is! Seems like you’re in luck with iOS and DuoLingo working well together πŸ™‚. You should give it a go! I’ve used DuoLingo and loved it.


      4. I will. I used to want to learn Polish because I had some lovely Polish friends. But it’s a hard language

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      5. Cool :). Polish people are very nice! I’ve met some really nice ones. Maybe it’s just the ones that make it to the UK who are nice lol, who knows.

        By the way, in DuoLingo you can turn off the speaking exercises if you want. There’s a setting in the settings.


      6. Wow. Thanks. Yes one of the Polish ladies became my substitute mum but she could not speak English and I cannot speak Polish. But we still communicated.

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