Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams,
Are a strange and almost mystical thing,

I heard a physicist, recently,
Describing the idea that the entire universe is just a thought,

And mentioned lucid dreams, as an example,
Of just how easily a reality can be imagined into existence;

Sometimes I dream a scenario so real,
It comes with an entire history of fictional memories,

My dreaming experience is so embedded within a logical timeline,
That waking up is very disorientatingβ€”
I have to convince myself that none of it was real!
That I’m not even me;

Like the time I was the first human to step foot on Mars,
And as I looked at the very real scene around me,
I had some incredibly intense and totally unique emotions,
As I thought of all the years, and dreams, which had got me here,

That after all of the intense training and preparation,
We had actually made it to Mars,
I was standing on the planet Mars,
It was unbelievably magical;

Then the bewilderment, and grief,
At waking up and realising that entire scenario wasn’t real;
Humans hadn’t even made it to Mars, for god’s sake!
How boring!

Lucid dreams can be fun and frustrating!


4 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming

  1. I had some amazing dreams last night and when I woke up I quickly wrote it all in my journal as they are dreams for keeping! πŸ™‚
    I really like this post, Robin.

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    1. Dreams for keeping! Haha. Thanks!

      I can remember a lot of my dreams without writing them down, though I’m sure I’d remember a lot more if I did. They just go into my brain like normal emotional memories :D.

      I found that podcast fascinating where a physicist was describing that idea as an actual idea that some theorists have discussed!

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      1. One of the dreams I had was about my sister Terri and it was like she was back with me! πŸ™‚
        It made me happy as I miss her so much!


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