The Slow But Hopeful Path

Each day, you begin from scratch,
Draw a line under the previous days,
And say,

None of that decides what I can do from now,

Because it’s simply not true,
That I can’t do something now because I haven’t done it yet,

And I still may not do it now,
But that doesn’t stop me from trying and believing,

And doing the same again the next day,
The next hour,
And one day,
Those things will be done,
On the slow path to recovery πŸ™‚.

In computer science this is a recursive algorithm;
Its power is untold and fundamental!


6 thoughts on “The Slow But Hopeful Path

    1. Awesome!! The birth of a new poem! πŸ˜„. I feel honoured to have inspired it. πŸ’™


  1. Good philosophy!

    Been keeping a continuous daily log for over 5 years. For a while in Spanish and including the character sets of various world languages and scripts.

    Does it work?

    Well over 700 posts in the past year and 95% of my art!

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