Trauma And Doubts

It takes a long time to recover from trauma,
Even without additional obstacles,

Your path to reach a good point,
Cannot be judged;

It is a marathon in the making,
Which utterly dwarfs that London one,

But the high points, later on,
Will make it all worth it.

Unless you die of physical illness first,
That’s always the worry;
But nevermind! πŸ˜…


7 thoughts on “Trauma And Doubts

      1. Thanks! Amazing πŸ˜„. Funny how some things you write can feel so throwaway and harmless, but turn out to be really useful πŸ™‚. But actually, yes, I just had need for this quote πŸ˜„. It is important. πŸ€—


  1. I really like this poem, Robin.

    Hope ~
    My hope springs up
    in spite of blows ~
    Higher after every
    fall ~
    Down the road of
    life it goes ~
    Bounding like
    a rubber
    ball ~

    (another little poem for you.)


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