The Lost Things

I don’t know how this happensβ€”
I sometimes lose things,
Within such a small physical space,
And also such a small amount of time;

It happened repeatedly, last year,
Whilst living in the carβ€”
One moment I could be holding something,
Ten seconds later, it was gone,
Sometimes irretrievably;

It was always different reasonsβ€”
Once, it was a black item,
And it fell between the seats in the dark,
Finding some perfectly-shaped groove;
Other times, things were gone forever,
And I just had to replace them;

And it’s happened again, tonight.
It was such a simple thingβ€” I kept a flannel out of the laundry,
So I could use it later on,

I’ve since done the laundry, taken it out,
(So the washing machine is ruled out),
And the flannel is honestly nowhere to be found,
Within the space of the single room in which I live;

The only option left, is now to replace it,
As so often happens;

But this feeling, when I manage to lose something like that,
So impossibly, momentarily yet irrevocablyβ€”
It’s incredibly disconcerting…


9 thoughts on “The Lost Things

  1. You are not alone, Robin.
    I can’t begin to tell you how many times my husband loses something during a weeks time.
    It’s always , “did you see my keys, did you see my wallet, did you see my phone? ”
    But I think this happens a lot to old people though. (but please don’t tell him I said he was old as the poor, old, dear gets his feelings hurt easily.)
    At least my husband has not lost himself as yet as I really would not know where to begin to look for him! LOL

    I wonder where your flannel went to, it could not walk up leave.
    I understand how very disconcerting this is to you losing things and having to replace something.

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    1. Thanks Margie! I don’t actually lose things regularly, especially not things like wallet or keys. I have a place for everything, and put things back in their places. I used to have massive problems wasting loads of time looking for things before I had that system.

      When I lose things it’s from not putting them back in their set places. And always when this has happened, I have no visual memory of where I put it. I can usually picture the memory of putting something away, except when I happen to have not put it in the normal place, for some reason. Whenever I don’t have that visual memory, the thing always turns out to be lost forever!

      “I wonder where your flannel went to, it could not walk up leave”

      Exactly! It defies all sense, but that’s what seems to happen in these rare occasions!

      “But I think this happens a lot to old people though” πŸ˜†. I definitely have a head-start on losing my short-term memory, lol. I once read that people with ADHD have the short-term memory of somebody much older, hahaha. OCD also reduces it through distraction.

      “At least my husband has not lost himself as yet” Hahaha!! 🀣

      Thank you!!

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    2. I had strong hiccups throughout the whole time I was writing that, so frustrating πŸ˜†. I managed to stop them right after! I really hate hiccups!

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    3. Oh one of the worst aspects of this way of losing thingsβ€” is that I can’t protect against it at all, because I just have no idea how it happens. It’s as if I went to sleep and woke up with things missing! Whereas having my system of putting things in places really works, but I never consciously choose NOT to follow it. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

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