Death Grows

Death planted seeds in the orchard of time,
Death grows on trees in the orchard of horror,
Death stalks the groves in the orchard of grime,
Death reigns supreme in the back of your mind!!

Image byΒ Free-PhotosΒ fromΒ Pixabay


13 thoughts on “Death Grows

    1. Thanks Margie!! I was actually being really critical of myself about the 3rd line, feeling like it felt out of place or clunky. I’ve had the other 3 lines in my head for at least a week, but it took me about half an hour to come up with the fourth which I needed for the rhythm! I am never normally labouring over poems, haha. If I am labouring it’s usually not worth it.

      I had to just sit down and think of something because I liked the rest of the poem, lol. But I had just told myself that this is a nonsensical OCD loop, then saw your message. So that was nice!! 😁

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    2. (When I say ‘to come up with the fourth’, I’m still referring to the third physical line in the finished poem! Lol. It was the fourth chronologically).

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