Sexualise All Dem Tings

Euphemisms everywhere,
So many words, slightly off-limits…

It’s a bit creepy,
To be honest!


6 thoughts on “Sexualise All Dem Tings

    1. It’s just an observation I’ve been making for a few years! Just talking about the way that more and more little phrases get sniggered at for being sexual euphemisms, and it’s really crazy the contexts in which it can happen. Like you can be listening to a science podcast, and people start sniggering because of something which sounds like it has a sexual dual meaning. It’s of course especially bad with things that are Meant to be funny, like the audience of a comedy TV show, really stretching things into dual meanings. But I think it’s all a symptom of society and culture becoming more and more well-versed in sexual things, mostly from porn.


      1. I think people need an outlet to express their anxious thoughts and worries, short spur of giggles provide release, so laughing about sexual or remotely sexual things is like an instant fix and prevent over loaded with anxiety. Hence sex and comedy sells in particular in hard times.

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      2. Yeah, I understand. I wasn’t talking about the existence and usage of euphemisms in general, but the increase of it over the last 10-15 years, in frequency and in the number of euphemisms which exist. Sexualisation of a lot of things has occurred/increased over that time, so it makes sense that it would keep track with that.


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