Protoplanetary Disks Of Hope

They say that you can’t escape a black hole,
That once over the horizon and obscured from light,
There is no returning,

And whilst the physical laws cannot be broken,
Self-imposed laws can,
And it’s really possible to escape a metaphorical, mental black hole;

Mental black holes are created when,
Thoughts go round and round in circles,
Faster and faster,
The fuel to keep going is depleted,
The fire inside, begins to cool,

Core collapse is inevitable,
Leaving behind a dank rip in spacetime,
Torn and twisted,
Into other dimensions,

But when those outer layers had begun to collapse,
From the rapidly-building pressures new thoughts did form,
Lighter thoughts converted into heavier ones,

But amongst the new thoughts were golden ones,
And those rich seams of gold ran within new worlds,

Yes, some stuff was lost to that black hole,
But the soul of the star always lived on,
And created entire new solar systems of beautiful words.

Photo by PaweΕ‚ CzerwiΕ„ski on Unsplash


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