Tips For People Living With People With Misophonia

None of the below makes any sense or is rational, especially not the strength of emotions! They are of course rarely outwardly expressed to this degreeβ€” it is just how I feel when these things happen!

“It is a severe sensitivity to specific soft sounds and visual images. It also includes other forms of stimuli that cause an immediate extreme reaction. When a person hears the sounds, the person has a very strong emotional reaction such as hate, anger, anxiety, rage, and resentment” β€” Misophonia Institute.

Don’t slam any kinds of doorsβ€”
Front doors, cupboard doors, car doors,
β€”Decelerating at the last moment goes a long way;

Don’t chop noisilyβ€”
Don’t use a small or blunt knife and press down horizontally until the knife suddenly ‘snaps’ against the chopping board,
Chop properly, using a large knife and the technique that a chef would use;

Don’t sneeze indulgently and loudlyβ€”
It’s not clever, it’s not funny and it’s really not necessary;

Don’t cough or breathe noisilyβ€”
It’s hard to explain why these are frustrating or painful,
They just are, that’s the whole problem unfortunately!

Don’t snoreβ€” get a CPAP machine,
Or sleep somewhere else, even if it’s your house;

Don’t yawn really loudlyβ€”
I get that you’re tired, and want to make everybody else in your vicinity feel just as exhausted,
But please don’t do it, you selfish bastard;

If you’re a dogβ€”
Do not bark repetitively,
Especially not if you’re a yappy dog;
Be like Misty, save it for when absolutely necessary (or there’s a cat);

Don’t chew really loudly and disgustinglyβ€”
I don’t need to know the consistency and viscosity of everything you eat;

Don’t smash your cutlery against your plate whilst eating dinnerβ€”
You’re not an African steel drummer,
You’re not a two year old having fun at a playgroup (if you are, please stop immediately),
You’re not a bull in a china shop,
β€”You’re actually the aural equivalent of hitler.

(I know you’re not actually, but I really mean it nevertheless).

Imagine this on your eardrums.
Photo by Fabio Ballasina on Unsplash


16 thoughts on “Tips For People Living With People With Misophonia

    1. Haha!! But I feel your pain, then!

      And god this was comforting to read:

      “I thought I was the impossible perfectionist, I am glad I am not. ”

      This is how you so often end up being perceived, and feeling about yourself! It can be terrible to not know you’re actually different and that your complaints are valid. Other people can perceive you as being controlling, which is what happened in my case. (I think) your family situation has been better, though, at least! πŸ’™


  1. This is a great post Robin and now I must bring Hank in from the back yard as he is braking madly. . LOL
    He needs his walk!
    (I do too , the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful morning here.)

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    1. Hahaha! Noooooo…

      Thanks a lot! πŸ˜„. I was reading this back and laughing quite a lot, lol πŸ˜….

      Glad that it’s sunny! I bought a new deck chair and now the Sun’s immediately gone away.

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  2. Oh my … thank you for linking me to this. I relate so much. I find myself angry when people sneeze. And angry or afraid at loud sounds (doors slamming, people yelling, loud fast sounds, cars honking, etc)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ˜„. Wow, I’m even more satisfied with writing it, now! I’m really glad to be able to help a fellow sufferer understand it :). You’re very welcome! You can now tell everyone you know that you weren’t just making it up all along… πŸ˜….

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