You’re Beyond Help

Unbelievable housemate,

Who always locks himself out,

You really have no redeeming features,

Do you?

Stop knocking on my window,

You selfish bastard,

You’ve woken me up again,

But I’m not letting you inπŸ–•.


26 thoughts on “You’re Beyond Help

    1. Nope!! πŸ˜„. I already had ear plugs in and I just put my headphones on and started playing music. Just hearing that knocking sound fills me with anxiety! He’s done that so many times now, once it was 3 times in one night because he locked his keys into his car and kept going back and forth, but didn’t think to explain it to me or even say sorry, ever.

      He always seems to think I’m obligated to help him in every situation. Like when we had the issue with the bins, he kept nagging me about it whilst doing absolutely nothing! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

      I also get the postman knocking on the window, when inevitably nobody else opens the door (they never answer the front door), and last week it was police, wanting to talk to my other housemate (about Cannabis smoking I think). Those are just the times I know about when I wasn’t totally sound insulated!!

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      1. I completely understand Robin!
        He really is a selfish bastard!
        Damn, the postman has to knock on your window too as they won’t open the door, good lord!

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      2. Thanks!! πŸ’™

        Yes, they do, and no they won’t! We’re often getting those paper slips to say parcels were left with a neighbour.

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    2. This is something the council are not appreciatingβ€” I’ve already been so incredibly patient with every single one of them!! People always seem to minimise appreciation for my patience, when actually I have a lot more patience than most to begin with.

      They keep trying to urge me to give them another chance, give them another chance, etc…

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      1. Yup!

        Also, something I didn’t mention. That housemate is relentlessβ€” he was knocking on my window and calling my name for half an hour… he’s done it before, just knocked on my window until I woke up at midnight, he just doesn’t give up! It’s unbelievable how righteous he clearly feels about it! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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      2. Hhahaha! I had to translate that. Merci pour les mots obscène additionnel!! 😁

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    3. It’s just more great arguments in my favour though from the mental health perspective, for needing to live independently. Sad that I’m constantly having to scrabble so much for the basics in life, but thank god I’ve got the writing in the meantime, otherwise I’d be dead for sure! πŸ˜†

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      1. Yes, optimistic way to look at it! :D. Thank you, I will!! I wrote a French poem earlier that I’m really happy with! I’ll publish it in a minute :).

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    1. He really is! He kept up the knocking and calling my name for 30 mins! I just put my headphones on and started writing this poem and reading others πŸ˜†. He really messed up my sleep cos I woke up hungry and needed to eat πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

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      1. 😁. I actually woke up at midnight once to let him in. He was knocking for ages that time too. It took me a long time to figure out what it was through my ear plugs. He then did the same thing 2 more times in a row in the same night! I am a remarkably patient man, but some people just take the piss then lose all my respect.

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      2. Haha! He’d probably hate it as much as me. He moves at a million miles an hour. A key necklace would absolutely suck, lol. I tried wearing one once, but felt like I was being burned like Gollum. Not really, but it wasn’t very nice!!

        I think he should be tagged with an RFID instead. And muzzled.

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