Freefall From Chaos

There’s a metaphor there,
In Baumgartner’s jump from space…

In the way that it begins in darkness,
A vacuum and a void,
Big blue Earth below,
Which you are no longer a part of;

Then a decision is made,
Fuck it, I’m coming home;

Freefall begins,
Spectacular acceleration ensues,
Falling, tumbling, spinning out of control,
It’s no longer a laughing matter,

Feeling like you need to pass out,
Straining to make yourself heard,
Cameras cut away,
Nobody wants to watch,

Falling blind with no view ahead,
Rushing headlong at some supersonic speed…

At last, the first signs of firmer support,
As the air begins to thicken in the upper stratosphere,
Feeling around for a sense of control,
The rest of the journey begins to emerge,

Necessary support is finally obtained,
A stable position is found and maintained,
Freefall slows further, as the ground draws nearer,
Temperatures climb and the vision becomes clearer,

Support and communications strengthen,
Static resolves into clarity,
Now there is control, the destination is in sight,
And the parachute is opened for the final flight;

Deceleration tugs in a comforting way,
The canopy proud and on full display,

Everything achieved to steer the final course,
Feet touch the ground, and the story begins.


7 thoughts on “Freefall From Chaos

    1. Thank you, Margie!! So glad you enjoyed it πŸ˜„.

      Don’t strain yourself, lol, I wrote a lot as always πŸ˜†.


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