Circular Reasoning

Thank God the mental health team are on my side,
And that my friends are on my side,

Because otherwise,
I may be doubting whether I am crazy!

“I’m really hoping my email today helps with others leaving items out/being messy – although they are minor things and most likely done without thinking, you have said they affect you heavily.”

Coffin dance meme.

Always a teaspon of sugar,
With a teaspoon of salt πŸ˜†,
Come on,
Please just agree with me,
Literally everybody else does πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ;

  1. Minor because of all the cleaning that I do alone, for everybody else. It requires constant management. Which is never acceptable in anybody’s eyes. Especially not in a lockdown.
  2. Without thinking is never acceptable either, or in other words inconsiderateness around other people.

However, I have just discovered yesterday,
The most insanely useful trickβ€”
Locking the bathroom door from the outside,
To keep the messiest housemates out

Coffin dance meme on repeat.

ΒΉ There’s one upstairs and one downstairs. I’m the only downstairs personΒ².
² Lmao, imagine if somebody was pulling the same trick on the upstairs bathroom! 🀣.


7 thoughts on “Circular Reasoning

    1. 🀣 I just learned that today, lol. I’m obsessed, coffin dance meme is hilarious! I’ve learned not to watch any compilation videos of it haha, but I just love the idea of it.


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