Rejuvenation And Light

One of the greatest gifts that nature’s given us,
Is a wealth of abstract art;

I’m somebody who’s terrible with metaphors,
But even I can see the metaphors here…

And what could be more symbolic and evocative,
Than a glowing supernova remnantβ€”

Darkness in destabilising tensions,
And impending core implosion,
Violence through the unleashing of energies,
Expressive and destructive,

Darkness in the aftermath,
Of worlds twisted and burned,
Darkness on those planets which survived,
To drift into eternal night;

Light in the intensity of energies,
Shining briefly, brighter than a galaxy,

Light in the absorption and reemission,
Of photons in the remnant,
Showing colours, so diverse,
They were meant to be observed!

And lastly,
Light which breaks upon new worlds,
As those ashes come together,

New stars are born, enriched anew,
In the stuff of us,
And all that we knew.


10 thoughts on “Rejuvenation And Light

    1. Margie that video left me speechless and with real chills! After my meditation earlier, I used this as another meditation. Incroyable. I was looking for a picture but this video and even the background music perfectly expressed the feeling of this poem!


      1. Yes! NASA seem to have a lot of others like that, though on a couple of others I quickly checked, the music wasn’t as meditative for me :D.

        I know they have them for planetary surfaces too. I’m gradually getting back into looking at these things πŸ™‚.

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    1. Wow! You’re totally right! That’s a pretty amazing coincidence. And it reinforces the appropriateness of using the metaphor of a supernova, in both of our poems!

      And the picture that you usedβ€” I came across that whilst looking for one to illustrate my poem! That’s very weird! Haha πŸ˜„


    1. Thank you! And yes, thanks to Nasa too! Amazing πŸ™‚. I’m so glad a video like that exists, because that’s exactly how I dream about the universe, essentially! It is such a work of art, created by humans, nature and science.

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