Soo Itchy

All my life, I’ve been so itchy,
And the slightest agitation sets it off further,

Itches appearing spontaneously, absolutely anywhere,
Even sitting calmly…
There’s a sharp jab on my ear!

Ripping the headphones offβ€”
It’s got to be scratched!
Before right away,
There’s an itch on my leg;

Itches, itches everywhere,
I’m in an almost-constant state of agitation,

I never really thought about it, much,
Until a doctor noticed that I was itching,

Then another wrote it in my notes,
…Features of ASD…
…Constantly itching…

And here’s a dilemmaβ€”
Exercise reduces all of this irritation for me,
Fixes it, instantly,

Except now, because of the knees,
I’m restricted to swimming for any kind of intensity,

But chlorine sets my skin off even worse,
Especially since developing eczema,
A few years ago.

As of now, it’s a moot point anyway,
Of course, with coronavirus restrictions;

A difficult one! I need to exercise,
But in normal times, it’s a tough compromise.


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