OCD And The Creativity In Me

If I were only half as clever and creative as OCDβ€”
And that stopped me in my tracks,

For what is OCD,
But an expression of me?

It’s as much a result of my brain’s neural networks,
As is the core of my personality;

What’s more,
My experience of OCD has been heavily inclined to the abstract,
Which has also been a theme of my lifeβ€”
The ability to think in abstract terms,
And to see generalisations;

So, whilst I’m not trying to make any wide generalisatons, here,
I just couldn’t help but notice it, in me,
And in others too,

And I really do feel, within me,
That the source of these different creative expressions,
Really is the same.

Although, I’m not saying for a minute, that OCD is good,
Nor that I’d want to keep itβ€”
For the balance has definitely
Gone out of control.


3 thoughts on “OCD And The Creativity In Me

    1. Thanks!! It really was a flash of inspiration, a very clear feeling which came to me. I haven’t written many of this style of poem so much lately, which I used to write much more often. I keep reflecting on that, and it’s a good thing! I had a big backlog of thoughts, feelings and ideas to express in the beginning, as well as new ones.

      Thank you!

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