New Rules

  • I get apple pay working sooner after I notice it stops working,
  • I go to Tesco late but not too late so that I can’t come home and back before it closes if something goes wrong,
  • I keep at least Β£50 of spare cash in my wallet,
  • I don’t break my discipline of putting things back immediately, for anything, not even an onrushing pyroclastic flow or somebody requiring resuscitation, ever,
  • I don’t delay in getting out of bed to start the day, ever again,
  • I always start the day with pressups,
  • And continually break up the day and stale mental states with pressups,
  • Supermarket direction arrows are a trap for ADHD people for all kinds of reasons, and actually work to increase exposure to infectious diseases, so should be banned at the expense of the rest of the population.

I’m already mentally using all of the things I didn’t actually get around to buying,
Only to remember I didn’t actually get around to buying them πŸ˜¨πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Worst, is when you already have something half-baked,
Only to realise you don’t have the crucial ingredients for the latter stages,
(For any one of a long list of potential reasons, it turns out),
And even though you have the strong visual memory of picking them up in a shop.


10 thoughts on “New Rules

      1. It’s only just begun! I was actually in bed for 20 hours, sleeping for about 17 or 18 of them. That’s a record. The day began with that trip! And I’m already planning what to cook overnight to realise I can’t because I don’t have the ingredients I was just getting!

        Frustrating, as I was just getting on top of food shopping for the first time in weeks. Now it’s going to be several days before I can go again, as I’ll have to wait for a replacement bank card.


      2. Yes, I do! I can definitely stay awake until my planned bedtime this time!

        I’ve got a big hangover from it, though, which will take a while to fade away! I was always really sensitive to dehydration from alcohol hangovers, so that even after rehydrating and taking paracetamols it takes a long time to recover.

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      3. You know the other day I realised just how exposed I am to infection from coronavirus, considering how much I’m isolating. All 4 housemates were exposing me in their own ways!

        β€”1 was going back and forth between here and Portugal by plane
        β€”1 was going into hospital all the time (as their elderly Dad was dying. Of course, no problems with this, just stating it. They were also being unhygienic though).
        β€”2 of them have had friends/partners around.

        A surprising amount of exposure, when I only leave the house 2/3 times a week to go to the supermarket πŸ˜†.

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      4. I get so upset when people do not take the seriousness of this virus and do not seem to care if they might be exposing others to it.
        It is just so wrong.
        When I was out walking my dog a few days ago I saw about 10 guys playing baseball at a park I passed by.
        I wanted to scream at them, “go home!”
        Those fools should know better!

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      5. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. 10 guys playing baseball! Do the police there do anything if you report it?

        I’ve just found out police forces here now have online forms and things for reporting it. Such as:

        Yes, it is very frustrating when you’re sacrificing a lot yourself! And then you hear of how difficult things are for some people, people dying alone, including young people. That’s an unimaginable scenario, that’s the worst part of the whole thing.


      6. I’m not sure if the police do anything if it was reported.
        I came home and then went back about 30 minutes later and they were gone.
        I was going to actually call the police if they were still there.
        There I was out walking with my mask on and those idiots were out there having a field-day playing their stupid baseball.
        I was shocked!
        Robin, it’s such a tragedy all the people that are dying alone , breaks my heart! 😦
        trump wants to open the country here in a few weeks.
        He is such a damn fool!
        I detest him so much!

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