An Adventurous Moon

He’d at once found, a safe place to orbit,
A world of peace and calm,

He’d bathed in the reflected light of wisdom,
Looked down in wonder, at accepting oceans;

Humble mountains,
And noble deserts,
He’d adopted these qualities,
Into his turbulent mantle;

But then,
The subtle stirring of gravitational waves,
Signalled the approach of a wandering black hole,

His orbit was perturbed,
And he was ripped from what he knew,
Before those seeds,
Had crystallised in his core;

He’d wandered and explored,
Adrift in the void,
Passed too close to quasars,
Was burnt by neutron stars,

He’d gazed on in awe,
At several supernovas,
Whose turbulent energies,
Hinted at fires still burning;

That little moon,
Was captured by a star,
One whose children were kindred,
With his own heart,

His orbit became more stable,
More regular, yet still eccentric,

As he inscribed lessons he’d learnt,
For all planets to see.

When a lonely moon finds a star,
It becomes a planet.

Image par Larisa Koshkina de Pixabay

I spontaneously submitted this poem to BBC Radio 4, since I’d heard that the BBC take poetry submissions. I thought that I’d include here the note that I sent with the poem:

I’d like to share with you this poem, An Adventurous Moon, which is about going on a mental health journey, experiencing progress and setbacks, but taking the lessons learned with you.

It encourages optimism with the idea that those experiences will come in useful and valuable, not just to yourself but to others too, and that a future where you find your place is possible.

The celestial metaphors are intended to give feelings of escapism, wonder and gratitude for the greater picture in which we find ourselves.

I thought this poem would be particularly appropriate now during this time of lockdown, since mental health challenges will be increased. And the escapism may be especially welcome!


28 thoughts on “An Adventurous Moon

    1. Wow, thanks Margie!!

      That’s really cool, it’s also my favourite of all time! It actually gave me shivers, because I was so happy with it, and with the consistency of the metaphors, how they even make literal physical sense :D.

      I’ve already written another one since. Early morning really is the best time!

      Honestly, that’s what a peaceful and clean environment does for me. Part of my argument to the council, is just going to be that I want and need to see how my writing can develop, without major stresses, as I know I can go further with ideas. I already started another once since, lol. So many ideas!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Robin, I had a feeling that this would be your favorite of all time.
        You really did an amazing job, I really love it!
        Oh, I just see that you submitted the poem to BBC Radio 4 , wonderful. πŸ™‚


    2. For example:

      “His orbit became more stable,
      More regular, yet still eccentric,

      As he inscribed lessons he’d learnt,
      For all planets to see;”

      I like this so much, because of the dual meanings of every lineβ€”
      Orbit became more stable β€” mood etc became more stable
      Orbit regular yet still eccentric β€” more predictable and stable, yet still with quirkiness, humour and cheekiness
      Inscribed lessons β€” inscribed an orbit, inscribed literal writing
      For all planets to see β€” planets and people

      And also the physical sense of having an eccentric orbit, in order to visit all of the planets, and to be able to explore. ‘Lessons to see’ can be seen on the face of the moon in its mountains and deserts, etc.

      It’s just perfect perfect!


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    1. Thanks a lot Pooja! Yes it would! I’m sure I will try again with future poems, too, or actually there’s some older ones I would probably feel like sending.

      In any case, I may try sending one every few weeks until I get one on there! 😁. I’d so love to have something of mine on Radio 4, on the same channel as Brian Cox doing his Infinite Monkey Cage! πŸ’™

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG they actually emailed me back and they’re reading my poem out on Radio 4!!!

        No, they didn’t really πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

        Liked by 1 person

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