Some Relief Amidst Crises

The messiest housemate is away,
Away back to Portgual, since Wednesday,

I didn’t hold my breath, I had to be sure,
I’ve waited until today, to FUCKING CELEBRATE!!!

And now that it’s worth it again,
I’ve cleaned all of downstairs again,
Oh what a huge weight off my mind, that is,

Which is incredibly disheartening,
Because it only emphasises,
How much I’ll just be stagnating, as long as I’m here;

But, I’ve also decided,
Remembering a conversation last week, with police,
That I’ll simply badger and badger everybody,
Badger and fucking bodger them,
To death,

(Oh by the way,
There goes my housemate on her boyfriend’s motorbike,
The noise outside my window was monstrous,
And the arrogance of it just as disastrous);

I’ll badger the doctor,
To write the council a letter,
Supporting my case for the need to live alone,

Because the council have a rule,
β€”You have to be 35 or older to qualify,
For them to give you a place to yourself,
And I’m only 32;

So I’m going through the ‘medical route’,
Which is easily justifiable,

For I’ll continue to reach crises,
And my life will continue to be wasted,
As long as I am here.

Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash


5 thoughts on “Some Relief Amidst Crises

    1. Thank you Cassa! πŸ™‚. I’m sure they will be given the situation on that day last week. Actually my doctor is very good and understanding, and no-nonsense :).


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