Dreams 3

Throw them all into a black hole,
The lot of them,
And observe their spaghettification;

Spaghettification is an astrophysical term,
To describe the tidal stretching,
Of an object experiencing a steep gravitational gradient;

Throw them all in,
They’ll be stretched into spaghetti,

Moreover, this will take a nice while,
From our perspective, fortunately,

As this gory vision,
And their screams of pain,
Will be stretched out, slowly,
Doppler-shifted inexorably,

Visible to infra-red,
Microwave to radio,

And their high-pitched screams,
Drawn longer and longer,
Deeper and deeper,
Fainter and fainterΒΉ,

Until, eventually,
They’ll be stretched out into nothingness;

They’ll be lost to the quantum,
In two places at once,
Alas, forever invisible,
So there is no paradox.

Is that what happens to lockdown-breakers and housemates,


Photo de Andrea Piacquadio provenant de Pexels

ΒΉ Poetic license, since sound does not carry in space obviously.


11 thoughts on “Dreams 3

    1. Haha, thanks! :). I got really locked into OCD whilst doing it, and then I just had to deal with a big spider 😩. What a stressful start to the day!

      It’s ok, I can calm down now! I’m going to clean the bathroom, now that it won’t get messed up :). Man the sound of cars is terrible. Going to put ear plugs in and play a podcast. Onwards!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wasn’t, actually! I just did loads of cleaning and had a shower and was doing various OCD things all the time, so I’m exhausted and have a headache. But now I’m sitting down I’m able to make a new effort against it.

        The importance of enjoying and making the most of the relative calm and cleanliness was making it all worse.

        So much of it is just rooted in having to be in this house around these people, though. But I have new hope from the last poem I just wrote πŸ™‚.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That also feeds back and increases my hope :D. Positive feedback lol.


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