As he rocks back in his chair in the garden,
He kicks off his tartan slippers,
And downs another shot of whisky,

Reminiscing on those eventful days,
Those distant, painful memories,
With a smile of glee and satisfaction;

“How did you survive house-sharing, Grandad?”,

“One has to dream…
Dream of toilet seats that are clean,
Dream of kitchens endlessly-inviting,
Dream of peace, quiet and sound insulation,

It made me the man I am today,
And I built all of this with my bare hands;

One has to dream,
And you will beat it”.

Photo byΒ guille pozziΒ onΒ Unsplash


6 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. Thanks Margie!! πŸ˜„. Writing creatively is what is making me feel the best now, that’s what I’d love to focus my energies on. Creative thoughts are the first to go when there’s stress, though, and just the knowledge of that is stressful!

      I had been planning to use more of this isolation time for creative writing, but it doesn’t really work if that time is less peaceful than usual! But the last 2 days have been better so far πŸ™‚, It’s been more like when I first moved into the house, which is bearable as long as I accept being the person to empty the bin, and sweep and mop the floors every now and then. (And clean the bathroom). All of that is not so bad, as long as the kitchen is clean!!

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      1. You are doing wonderfully with the creative writing, Robin.
        I am so glad that things have been better the last few days!
        Off to bed now.
        “Bonne nuit mon ami.” πŸ™‚

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      2. Thanks a lot! That’s really encouraging πŸ™‚.

        Bonne nuit!


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