Take me away to a place,
Of heavenly sensory peace,

Where the worst that can happen,
Is all that’s in my hands,

Where OCD thought processes,
Not triggered by outside disturbances,
Where messes and housemateses,
Are lost to infinite black abyss;

Here on the other side of the universe,
Completely out of sight,
Where not even starlight can outrun me,
As I push to the other side;

Here in my own galaxy,
My own star systems circulating,
Surrounded by tiny, beautiful planets,
Chemically baking,

Cooking up something wondrous,
Awe and splendour in surplus,

As back there in the depths,
Cataclysmic explosions rip,
A quasar exploded,
And I’ll never know about it,

I am thermodynamically isolated,
From the gutter of the universe;

All I know is this magnificent desolation,
Of my blissfully-empty soundscape,
Where sound doesn’t carry,
And I can remain happy,

Watching my little worlds turning,
All bathed in golden star dust,
Of the stars which I seeded,
In this place where I can dream.

Image par deselect de Pixabay


15 thoughts on “Dreamscapes

    1. Hey! I just googled this thing about spaces appearing before exclamation marks or question marks, whenever I am typing on my phone in French.

      It’s been annoying me for a while, as I’ve attempted to delete them, but the phone wants to insert them back in most of the time! Now I’ve realised that that’s normal in French! My phone’s trying to be clever πŸ˜†. So I’m safe to just leave the spaces in…πŸ˜…


    1. Thank you Margie!! This is the way that I would love to write, when I am no longer being bombarded with stress from mental problems or environment. I could have creative thoughts like this more often and coherently.

      I guess in this case, the seed of the idea came from that stress, and it was a way to create something good from it. But I’d like to start with better starting points!!

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  1. Haha, why did you write this on this poem?

    Wait, you’re Laly?

    “Are we supposed to switch to a new mask each time?”

    If they’re disposable, then yes. If re-useable, they should be clean at least each day. Basically, using a mask hygienically is impossible with current supplies!! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


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