Bad Reporting

Bad reporting,
Is seriously annoying,

Because it raises more questions,
Than it answersβ€”

Thousands of landlords offer free homes to NHS workers“,

Ok, hmm….
Why the specific need here?

“Some are facing eviction because landlords have deemed them an infection risk,

But in the past week, sites have sprung up to manage the number of property owners now offering free accommodation.”,

Positive story of philanthropy continues…

β€”Wait, what??

NHS workers facing eviction?
Because they are deemed by cold-hearted capitalistic monsters,
To be an infection risk?

The rest of your article is now redundant,
How about we just stick with this topic,
For a moment?
I have many, many questions… 🧐.

I really hate,
Bad reporting

The answer in this case, it seems,
Comes down to a trick of wording,

Pure fucking clickbaiting

Or misinformation by another name.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


6 thoughts on “Bad Reporting

    1. No worries at all! :D. I’m not keeping track of whether you’re keeping up :), there’s no pressure! But thank you.

      Yes, I’m doing good thanks! I’m now setup for volunteering with the NHS to help self-isolating people. They’re ramping it up slowly, so might be a while before I start getting alerts in the app they use :).

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