Moving Forwards With Love

I still get caught up in self-loathing,
And self-philosphising,

Kicking myself for not doing what I planned,
Then gaining perspective,
Of the things stacked against me;

And every now and then,
Something properly kicks the perspective back into shape,
And I’m putting myself in somebody else’s place,
And witnessing the strength required of others,

And it helps to break out of thatβ€”
Narrowed, OCD perspective,

And I remember that the only important thing,
Is moving forwards from now,
And to keep finding more ways of helping, however small,
Those others in need as well.


15 thoughts on “Moving Forwards With Love

      1. Goodnight! Thank you πŸ’™. I’ve been awake the whole night (since 8pm yesterday) after having slept a ridiculous amount in the previous 24 hours, and I’ve been completely alert the whole time πŸ˜†. I just kept sleeping and sleeping before that πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

        This is good though as now I can stay awake until 4/5, then start getting up at 1/2 in the morning :D.

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  1. I feel very much like this myself especially when I am in the midst of a depression and have very little enjoyment in life. I kick myself for not keeping up with my plans and criticise myself because I watch mindless TV.
    However you are right about perspective when chaos prevails all around us and we see others self absorption and selfish attitude and yet we are alive and are able to make choices.
    I hope that you continue to stay safe and well during these difficult times ahead.

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    1. Thanks!! That’s really reassuring.

      “and have very little enjoyment in life”

      β€”I think it comes largely from this. We’re desperate for feelings of enjoyment or satisfaction, and when we have time on our hands and it’s up to us how to use the day, then satisfaction and thus our mood seem to be directly in the hands of our actions. Which they are to some extent, but I think we can then catastrophise on top of all that.

      At least, that description works well for me.

      Yes, we must not be too critical of ourselves because that itself prevents us from moving forwards. What makes me feel really bad is doing the same (mistakes) over and over again. When we hear all the time that we shouldn’t repeat mistakes, I think that can hold us back and make us ruminate more.

      It’s ok to keep repeating the same mistakesβ€” the thing to aim for is to always move forwards, not to aim to avoid making the mistake ever again.

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    1. Thank you so much!! Thanks for the feedback! πŸ˜€

      That’s pretty cool that you found something you could relate to in both the title and what I write, haha! Perhaps I chose the title well!


    1. Thanks a lot! Sorry for the late reply to you! I really appreciated the comment πŸ™‚.


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