How To Talk Like A Politician

Get a pen, some paper and some scissors,
Cut the paper into small strips,
Write the following words and phrases on the paper strips:
β€”Cast-iron gaurantees
β€”The general public
β€”Ordinary people (thanks)

Put all of the strips into a hat,
Mix them around,
Select five at random,
Eat them,
Take some laxatives,
Wait a few hours…

That’s how you talk like a politician.

What! It is!!


20 thoughts on “How To Talk Like A Politician

    1. LOL 🀣 good one! Hadn’t thought of that!

      Ones I had thought of:
      β€”Talking out their arses
      β€”Chatting shit
      β€”Spouting their verbal diarrhea

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  1. Robin, I am commenting here in reference to your other blog.
    I left a comment and it was there and then it was poof, gone!
    I see from the pictures what you are dealing with.
    What a horrible situation with your housemates!
    I hope things improve!

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    1. OMG Margie! I just figured out how to find your comments!

      I went into the admin section for the Whirlpool blog, then Comments, then found 11 of your comments in the ‘IndΓ©sirables’ column!

      I will go through them all later! πŸ’™

      Thanks Margie! That was a tame situation in in those photos, too! It will only improve if I can move out. This has been my experience any time I’ve had to share. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve witnessed!!

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      1. Boo-hoo, who put me in the ‘indesirables column’ I object!!!! I am very desirable!!!!! LOL
        Robin, thank you for finding my comments! πŸ™‚
        If those photos are tame, I dread the situation you are going through! 😦
        I truly hope you move out.
        I am so sad for all you are going through with your dreadful housemates!
        Hang in there, Robin. xx

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      2. Hahahahaha!!!!

        Yup they are tame, I left the kitchen immaculate at 3am last night! But I feel much better now I’ve had the idea of emailing the photos as well :D. And the support of people reading my post about it helps! I was surprised at the amount of interest about it.

        Thank you, there does seem to be a path for getting out, I can’t wait to have more discussion with the council person :). I will hang in! I’ve come this far πŸ˜„.

        I’m on BST time now πŸ™‚ I just lost an hour of my precious night-time…πŸ˜‘

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      3. Thanks! Yes, it’s made a world of difference having that council person on my side :).

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    1. I agree! I haven’t seen any political leadership ever, that I can remember πŸ˜†.

      We keep voting in idiots, so we must be largely idiots ourselves πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.

      Thanks! Same to you.


      1. I don’t think that it is because we keep voting in idiots but I think that largely politics has changed with people coming in now and using it as a stepping stone.
        Politics now is really about what the individual can get out of it both whilst serving as an MP and after.
        We can only vote for people who are on the ballot paper.
        I think that voting should be compulsory but there should be a box for a vote to be cast for non of the above.
        Politicians also need to engage with the public more on a personal level rather than just at election times…

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      2. I agree with you overall, for sure. Thing is, I’ve thought about how is it that all these bad politicians get in there, because there are also genuinely well-meaning people who are politicians and MPs, who come from an appropriate background of relevant experience etc. I totally believe that not all politicians/MPs are like that.

        Our voting system was designed so that you vote for the best person to be an MP in your constituency, rather than choose the candidate based on their party (and their party’s current leader). And I think most people now vote for the party rather than the candidate, and have no or little knowledge about the actual candidates until they see the ballot paper.

        Voting in that way means you’re not filtering out the creepsβ€” people like George Osborne or David Cameron who instinctively set off your alarm bells!

        In an idealised scenario where everybody voted for the best candidate regardless of party, then the quality of MPs in all parties would be higher, perhaps so much that you wouldn’t need to worry as much about which party was in power.

        So that’s what I meant by saying that we vote in idiotsβ€” we really do, and there’s always the option to try to be an MP ourselves if we really think there are no good MPs out there. But that is what actually happensβ€” there are MPs who have become MPs out of that frustration.


      3. The other thing is tactical votingβ€” if nobody tactically-voted, that would also change things hugely. We all have the choice whether to tactically-vote or not, and for me it’s partly a question of egoβ€” whether we feel we are ‘wasting’ a vote or not, if we don’t take part in the Red vs Blue battle.


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