Airlines Collapsing

Airlines collapsing,
No longer thriving,

Travel bans operating,
How will they survive?

Airlines collapsing,
Going out of business,

Bailouts a-calculating,
To save the bottom lines;

Airlines collapsing,
Airlines collapsing,

Airlines collapsing…
Is that such a terrible thing?

Fast-tracked into reduced emissons,
Harsh but true.


4 thoughts on “Airlines Collapsing

    1. Yes. There’s been a healthy growing momentum behind it all, but there was still this insatiable desire for travel. If the pandemic can change people’s values on that (by making them happier with less), that’ll be awesome. Even better would be if we had some really tangible, signficant environmental benefit from all of this (though hard to imagine what within the space of ~1 year), but if that happened would help to build this momentum.

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