Mental Health Impacts Consolidated

My housemates,
Are wearing me down,

It becomes very difficult,
To get out of bed,
When I want to get moving quickly,
But that’s always when one of them is in the kitchen;

Being around any of them,
Triggers an instant anger response,
At their relentless selfishness,
And communal apathy,

That’s besides the alcoholism,
Arrogant breaking of lockdown,

I’m trying to get back on track,
To be getting up at midnight,
β€”For this is the only way,
To begin days without stress;

(This is also the time,
When my housemate socialises,
So this gives me the best chance,
Of catching him at it);

My recent period of recovery,
At the beginning of March,
Was largely down to that schedule,
Being a ‘prowler’ of the night;

So I woke at 4 in the afternoon, today,
Worried about meeting my housemates;
I finally got up at 5:30,
And of course the alcoholic one was there;

That set me back again,
As I waited for them to leave;
So I tried to get up at 7,
But now I’m just ruminating, obsessing;

Damn it!
And my mental health is also suffering,
For lack of people to discuss the Coronavirus with,

β€”There are topics in much much need of discussion,
Which go beyond the news headlines,
β€”I have a lot of thoughts about things,
It’s stressful to keep them pent-up inside;

Such as, for exampleβ€”
I just noticed today,
That half of the USA’s cases,
Are in New York State alone,

And with Trump in charge,
This means,
They are heading for millions of deaths,
All-told, probably;

Now of course, that’s depressing,
But it’s much more depressing for me to not be able to discuss these things;

So maybe, I’ll keep writing on my other blog,
And those like-minds will come to me,
As they did on this!


19 thoughts on “Mental Health Impacts Consolidated

    1. Thank you! For sure πŸ™‚. I also keep my curtains closed permanently, because I’m in a ground-floor room facing the street, which isn’t good either! I’m on the ground-floor specifically because of my knee problems πŸ˜†. This is always how it goes.

      I do have some hope on the living situation though! My council support person replied to my emails and has suggested we could work on getting me living independently. Which is great, but at the same time that’s not going to make any progress whilst lockdown is in place. So I don’t think it’s something that will be feasible to change for months and months. Nevertheless, it’s something which can give me hope :).

      Now that I’ve written this poem, It’s given me some resolve to get out of this rumination state, never to return! 😁

      Thank you for commenting πŸ’™

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  1. Robin, it’s truly horrifying what is happening over here with the virus.
    It’s spreading like wildfire!
    Trump has his daily briefings and he spews his lies!
    We are losing the battle and it’s going to get much worse!

    I send you my best wishes!
    I am sorry you are having difficult times.
    Be safe, be well!
    Be strong!

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    1. Thank you Margie, I actually just had a phone conversation with somebody πŸ™‚ which really helped me to get out of the negative state of mind I was in.

      Margie I really feel for you, wish there was some way I could help besides talking. It is so frustrating to see what Trump is doing. It’s crazy to think that they tried to impeach him for much less impeachable offences (which were still very impeachable!). Now, he has significant responsibility in a lot of American deaths. It surely cannot continue.

      At the same time, I see the situation in Italy is probably also out of control, and other European countries are joining them. I don’t think we are far behind, having witnessed the actions of people here, too, as well as in numbers.

      I still wonder what’s going to happen with China, because if they break lockdown it will just spread again. Their new cases seem to be increasing again each day.

      Thank you, your message really helped! I’m more positive again now and getting busy πŸ’™

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      1. Robin, I am so glad you had a talk with someone and it helped you! πŸ™‚
        About Trump, he is going to be the cause of a lot of people dying here!
        I truly believe he is evil!
        Be well my friend and be safe!


    1. Thank you Cassa! I just had to look up what IG was πŸ˜†. Will create an account πŸ™‚


      1. Holy shiz!!!! 😳😳

        I have been ridiculously unobservant here – either that or I desperately need the prescription for my glasses changed…

        I have NEVER noticed the difference in the name of your blogs before…

        My sincere apologies my friend!

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      2. Haha! I thought that may have happened! πŸ˜„

        No worries! I started that blog in January, had a break in February and only recently started it again, and you’ve only liked a few of those in total, so far! So 99% of what you’ve seen has still been in Tornado Of Chaos :).

        That’s funny, lol 😁 you were a follower without even realising!

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      3. Man, seriously, I had breakfast earlier now my other housemate is active and using kitchen when I need to have lunch πŸ˜†. Only way is for me to begin the day at midnight, to not get stressed out by them!

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      1. Rising above the challenges not so easy. I have been living in an unhealthy environment for a few years and used self-isolation to work on myself and through writing help others. I have met some really great people.

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